About me

As a versatile Creative Director and Software Engineer based in Miami, Florida, I excel not only in web development but also in various other software engineering projects. My expertise lies in crafting functional and user-friendly websites, designing intuitive interfaces, and developing innovative software solutions. I bring a personal touch to each project, ensuring they are visually captivating, easy to use, and effectively convey the client's message and identity.

In addition to web development, I have a strong background in software engineering encompassing diverse projects. From Systems Programming, Data Science, and desktop software, I am well-versed in designing and developing solutions for various platforms. I thrive on tackling complex problems and transforming them into elegant and efficient software solutions. My passion for creativity and technical expertise allows me to bring a unique perspective to every project, resulting in innovative and cutting-edge solutions that exceed client expectations. With a focus on user-centric design and seamless functionality, I strive to create software that not only meets the technical requirements but also delivers an exceptional user experience.

What i'm doing

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    Web design

    The most modern and high-quality design made at a professional level.

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    Web development

    High-quality development of sites at the professional level.

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    Systems Programming

    Professional development of software for computer hardware.

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    Cyber Security

    Conduct advanced research in the realm of online security.



  1. Florida International University

    2023 — 2025

    Degree - Masters in Computer Science

    GPA - 4.0

  2. Florida International University

    2019 — 2023

    Degree - Bachelors of Science in Computer Science

    GPA - 3.7


  1. Free Lancing


    Full stack software engineer

    As an experienced freelance software engineer, I recently completed a project using Angular with Typescript, and Firebase services for database and authentication. I also built the backend using Node.js, developing custom RESTful APIs and integrating them with the frontend. Throughout the project, I demonstrated strong problem-solving and communication skills, collaborating closely with stakeholders to deliver high-quality software on time and within budget.

  2. Zakkour Technology Group


    Software Engineering / Product Manager

    Collaboratively worked with engineers to develop cross platform real world applications. Used my problem solving and technical skills to fix bugs, performance optimization and unit testing. Lead the UX/UI team to design IOS and Web application prototypes. Conducted one-to-one client meetings to plan and review projects.

  3. The start of my journey


    I began my software development journey as a high school freshman. Programming fascinated me, igniting a curiosity to learn and create. I started with HTML, CSS, and PHP, and during high school, I developed a portfolio application for our JROTC program. Since then, I've been continuously learning, programming, and working on new projects. This journey has fueled my passion for software development, pushing me to acquire new skills and expand my horizons. I embrace the challenges and enjoy bringing innovative solutions to life. With each project, I gain valuable lessons and experiences, constantly striving to make a positive impact through programming.

My skills

  • Front-end
  • Angular
  • Back-end
  • REST API Development
  • MySQL
  • MongoDB
  • NodeJS
  • OOP Programming
  • C
  • Java
  • Javascript/Typescript
  • Python



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